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October 12th, 2017. Berlin, Germany

Where investors, partners, and founders get together to bring ideas forward.


Alexander Birken

Born 1964 in Hamburg, Alexander took over the chairmanship of the Otto Group from Hans-Otto Schrader on 1 January 2017. Before he was responsible as Group Executive Board Member for the strategic development of several companies, for example the Baur Group, the Schwab Group, the Witt Group as well as Otto Group Russia. Since 1 August 2012 he also held the position as spokesperson for the single company OTTO.

Maximilian Viessmann

Max Viessmann runs a 100-year old family business in the fourth generation. The 12’000 Viessmann „family members“ provide heating, cooling and energy solutions in 74 countries. As part of its digital transformation, Viessmann has formed a tech holding „VC/O“ investing through „Vito Ventures“ as well as building early stage companies through „WATTx“ in the deep tech space. Max holds an industrial engineering degree from KIT and has started his career at The Boston Consulting Group.

Karsten Nohl

Karsten Nohl is a cryptographer and one of the most renowned white hats, with a focus on critical infrastructures. Karsten has spoken widely on security gaps since 2006. Karsten’s team has uncovered flaws in mobile communication, payment, and other widely-used infrastructures. In his work as Interim CISO at Jio and at Axiata, Karsten engineers security to protect 400 million subscribers.

Stefano Bernardi

Stefano is an entrepreneur, operator and investor. He most recently co-founded Token Economy, a weekly column and newsletter exploring the new world of digital assets. He is an investor with Mission and Market, a small angel fund based in San Francisco which invests in fringe technologies. Previously he co-founded Kickpay, a fintech startup backed by the most successful VCs in the valley. Stefano has worked in venture capital in Italy at dPixel, shadowed Dave McClure at 500 Startups and written for TechCrunch.

Yannick Roux

Yannick is a tech investor, most recently with London-based seed-stage venture fund EC1 Capital. Lately, he co-founded Token Economy. Prior to that, he headed up corporate development for the now Priceline-owned Momondo Group, as it got acquired by a US private equity firm. Just before that, he was a founding member of the investment team at the internet-focused studio Forward Internet Group, where he funded internet businesses from inception to large exits.


Thursday, October 12th

  • Registration Conference

    1 hr

  • Opening (Project A)

    15 min

  • Pitch presentations (Spyker, CrossEngage, Klara, Homeday)

    45 min

  • “History in the making: When no blueprint is around - IoT challenging the German industrial landscape” (Maximilian Viessmann, Alexander Birken, and Dr. Florian Heinemann)

    45 min

  • Coffee & Networking

    30 min

  • “We will never be fully secure, and that is good” (Karsten Nohl, Uwe Horstmann)

    30 min

  • Pitch presentations (Liqid, Catawiki, Qunomedical, GuruCollective, Comtravo)

    45 min

  • “Short ICOs, long tokens” (Stefano Bernardi, Yannick Roux, Uwe Horstmann)

    30 min

  • Closing (Project A)

    15 min

  • Dinner & Drinks



The event will take place at Heeresbäckerei, Köpenicker Str. 16-17, 10997 Berlin The entrance is at the corner of Köpenicker Straße and Brommystraße


U-Bahn Station Schlesisches Tor - 600 m, 5 minS-Bahn Station Warschauer Straße - 1.2 km, 10 minAirpot Tegel - 20 km, 24 minAirport Schönefeld - 18 km, 21 min

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